About us

Olive trees, vines and figs stand as symbols of the Mediterranean as well as of our Golden island. The City of Krk is surrounded by walls, thousands of years old, which, seen from the air, resemble an olive fruit. Olive groves and vineyards spread around the city walls and the stone lace of nature is completed by hundreds of fig trees. Tame plants climb up the hills in the direction of the sunset. If the road takes you towards the top of the hill, you will be welcomed by the Mrakovčić family with the golden fruits of their labour. The poor soil of the island of Krk doesn’t give much, but the little it gives is really precious!


Following a long tradition and recipes known from ancient times, the Mrakovčić family produces high quality olive oil, red and white wines and aromatic brandies. All products have been prepared with the utmost care, and they are a true refreshment to the soul and body. Under olive and fig trees, in the peaceful and particular atmosphere of the campsite Bor, the return to your roots and unspoiled nature is awaiting you.

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