The management of the camping “BOR” asks its guest to follow these house rules for the protection of mutual interests:

    1. Only guests and camping equipment which was registered at the front desk can be accommodated at the camping. During registration, the guests are obligated to hand over the personal documents of all people accommodated in the camping for entering into the Book of Guests.
    2. When registering at the front desk, the guest will receive a magnetic card which will serve for entering and exiting one vehicle. The disappearance or damage to the magnetic card will be charged as creating a new one. The number received at the front desk should be placed in a visible place and not returning or damaging the number will be charged 100.00 kunas.
    3. Visits are allowed only in the case where they are registered at the front desk of the camping. Daily visits are charged through the valid price list of the camping. For visits up to 2 hours, the visitors are obligated to leave one valid personal document at the entrance.
    4. Parents or other adults are completely responsible for damage which minors would eventually do to people or things inside the camping. Adults are responsible for the behaviour of minors and especially in regards to disturbing the peace and quiet in the camping.
    5. The place for setting the camping equipment and the accommodation of the vehicle is defined by the front desk depending on the available camping units or the unmarked area within the camping. When setting the camping equipment, we ask that you take into account the rational use of space and your neighbours in the camping.
    6. Fencing the chosen area, digging channels and setting other fixed devices or any self-initial changing of the environment, destroying plants, trees and flowers is not permitted.
    7. The guests are obligated to take care of the cleanliness of the area they are using. Waste water from the caravans or motor homes is to be collected in the bin and not left to spill into the land. Garbage is to be collected in plastic bags and placed in the appropriate containers. Leave used sanitary areas as you would like them to be when you enter them.
    8. We ask that you respect the peace and quiet and not disturb the other guests of the camping. During 23:00 to 7:00, during the time of the evening peace in the camp, it is not allowed to use motor vehicles of any kind. During that time it is not allowed to use the radio, TV, CD player, instruments, to sing or communicate too loud in a way that would disturb the other guests and your neighbours in the camp. We also recommend respecting afternoon rest from 13:00 to 15:00.
    9. Dog owners are obligated to have their dogs on leashes and have them tied. Owners are obligated to clean up after their pets.
    10. The maximum speed of vehicles within the camp is 10 kilometres per hour. Pedestrians and bicycles have an advantage in regards to other vehicles.
    11. It is not permitted to light open fires other then on standardized grills. In cases where there is an objective danger for a fire breaking out, any lighting of open fires is prohibited.
    12. Guests are obligated to leave and clean their camping area at the latest by 12:00 and we ask that you place all unusable objects from your area into to the appropriate containers which area placed within the camping.
    13. The management of camping “BOR” is not responsible for:
      - The disappearance or theft of items, devices or camping equipment,
      - For consequences occurring from the use of public devices and equipment in the camp which the guests use at their own responsibility,
      - For injuries or other consequences of falls or injury in the camping,
      - For consequences occurring to people and things during bad weather or other external reasons which cannot be controlled,
      - For consequences occurring due to the use of faulty installations, camping equipment or devices.
    14. Various damage, faulty installations and equipment and every violation of the House Rules are to be reported to the front desk of the camping.
    15. Guests who do not follow these House Rules and guests who with their behaviour disturb the order in the camp and disturb other guests will have their accommodation cancelled. 

    Please go to the front desk of the camping for all other information. We thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant stay in camping “BOR”.


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